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Recently, it has been reported that the SEC lawsuit against Morgan Keegan & Co. has been reinstated by the U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta. According to stock fraud lawyers, Morgan Keegan allegedly mislead investors regarding its auction-rate securities liquidity risk. According to the federal appeals court, a trial judge previously incorrectly sided with Morgan Keegan that the verbal comments made by brokers to four Morgan Keegan customers were not “material” omissions or misrepresentations that would, under U.S. Securities law, make the company liable.

News: Lawsuit Against Morgan Keegan Regarding Auction Rate Securities Reinstated

Morgan Keegan’s office based in Memphis, Tennessee, was accused of securities fraud and sued by the SEC in 2009. According to securities fraud attorneys, the SEC alleged that from late 2007 through the ARS market collapse in February 2008, Morgan Keegan brokers told customers the auction-rate securities “were as good as cash” in an effort to increase sales.

Stock fraud lawyers know that auction-rate securities are tax-exempt, long-term and taxable bonds and their interest rates are connected to the short-term market. Through ARS, issuers can acquire lower short-term rates on long-term financing. Auction-rate securities were marketed as liquid cash alternatives and considered safe before the global credit crunch severely affected the market. As a result, many investors were left with securities that couldn’t be sold.

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