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Securities fraud attorneys are currently investigating claims on behalf of investors who suffered significant losses as a result of their investments in Cypress Leasing private placements. Based in San Francisco, California, Cypress Financial Corporation is an equipment leasing company. The company’s website states that Cypress’s investments are in long-lived core equipment assets and that these assets are vital to the energy, industrial and transportation sectors. 

Private Placement Loss Recovery: Cypress Leasing

Private placements have been offered by Cypress Leasing, which were then offered and sold by certain broker-dealers registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Reportedly, the market decline of 2008 impacted the equipment leasing business and, as a result, many of the Cypress Leasing private placements may have experienced a decline in value. It is believed that the following offerings are included in these criteria:

  • CypressEquipment Fund 13
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