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Investors of Mars CDO I Could Recover Losses Through Securities Arbitration

Investment attorneys are seeking Merrill Lynch customers who purchased Mars CDO I, as they could potentially recover their losses through securities arbitration. Mars CDO I was sold to institutional and high net worth customers of Merrill Lynch. The Mars CDO I was underwritten by Merrill Lynch in 2007. However, each of the 30 CDOs underwritten by Merrill Lynch in 2007 was either in technical default, had its best-rated portion cut to junk, was in danger of being liquidated or was in the process of being liquidated by the summer of 2008. Stock fraud lawyers are now investigating how Mars CDO I was marketed and sold by Merrill Lynch.

Investors of Mars CDO I Could Recover Losses Through Securities Arbitration

Securities that are backed by underlying pools of loans or bonds are CDOs, or collateralized debt obligations. While these investments are inherently risky, they are relatively common among “qualified investors.” Currently, stock fraud lawyers are also investigating if Merrill Lynch properly disclosed the CDO risks to investors in the sale of Mars CDO I. Furthermore, the value of Mars CDO I may have been inflated and over-stated by Merrill Lynch. Many investment attorneys believe that Merrill Lynch either knew or should have known the 2007 CDO deals were bad in the existing mortgage market conditions, given the poor performance of the CDOs.

On January 31, 2012, a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Arbitration Panel awarded $1.38 million to Bobby Hayes, an investor who purchased Collateralized Debt Obligations from Merrill Lynch in 2007. For more on this case, see the previous blog post, “After Securities Arbitration, Merrill Lynch Must Pay $1.4 Million to Investor Over CDO Loss.”

Numerous securities arbitrations have already been filed on behalf of CDO investors who suffered significant losses. If you believe you may have a valid claim, find out more about your legal rights and options by contacting an investment attorney at The Law Office of Christopher J. Gray at (866) 966-9598 for a no-cost, confidential consultation.

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