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JOBS Act for Hedge Fund Advertising Faces Criticism from Investor Protection Groups

In a recent 4-1 vote, SEC commissioners decided to invite public comment related to a proposal for how to put an end to decades of limits imposed on startups and private funds in their pursuit of investors. Together with the mutual fund industry and investor protection groups, stock fraud lawyers look upon the new JOBS Act with criticism. The Act will essentially, as part of an effort to increase fledgling companies’ funding options, end the advertising ban on hedge funds. Reportedly, hedge funds will possibly be able to conduct wide advertising campaigns, as opposed to the current strategy of closed-door solicitation to individual investors.

JOBS Act for Hedge Fund Advertising Faces Criticism from Investor-Protection Groups

According to securities arbitration lawyers, concern related to the JOBS Act comes from the possibility that a restriction-free lift of the ban could result in some private funds exposing investors to misleading advertisements. Securities laws have previously only allowed firms to solicit non-public securities to “accredited” investors, who were usually wealthy, frequent investors. Furthermore, these investors would have needed an existing relationship with the firm. 

While individuals who qualify for the investments will still need to have over $1 million in assets or a minimum income of $200,000 a year, a lack of advertising restrictions would still expose individuals for which these investments are unsuitable to misleading solicitation. Furthermore, those individuals may not have the investment sophistication required to understand the risks of these products. According to stock fraud lawyers, this could be a situation that leaves investors susceptible to securities fraud.

The JOBS Act comes as a follow-up to the changes the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act implemented.

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