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Securities Arbitration May Be Better Path for UBS Lehman Brothers Investors

Investment attorneys continue to seek investors who suffered significant losses in Lehman Brothers 100 Percent Principal Protection Notes and who wish to pursue securities arbitration claims in order to recover losses. Lehman Brothers 100 Percent Principal Protection Notes, also known as Principal Protected Notes, were issued by UBS Financial Services and have resulted in significant losses for many investors.

Securities Arbitration May be a Better Path for UBS Lehman Brothers 100% Principal Protected Notes Investors

Many claims have been filed on behalf of Lehman note holders in the Lehman bankruptcy proceedings, but there are many more investors who must take action if they wish to recover these losses. Though many investors hope to recover losses through the class action that has been filed, individual securities arbitration claims may prove to return a larger percentage of losses to investors. Based on the Third Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Lehman Brothers, it appears that investors will only receive about 21 cents on the dollar through the class action lawsuit. Therefore, investors should attempt to recover losses by any means available to them, including securities arbitration. Furthermore, investors should act immediately due to potential statutes of limitations.

Customers of UBS Financial Services who suffered losses as a result of their investments in Lehman Brothers 100 Percent Principal Protection Notes are encouraged to contact a stock fraud lawyer immediately for more information about filing a securities arbitration claim with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s Office of Dispute Resolution. One way to do this is to look for an attorney who is experienced at representing clients with these kinds of claims. You will want someone who knows the history of rulings relative to these claims, as well as someone who understands how to recover as much money as possible for his or her clients.

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