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Advisers Make over $1.4 Billion from Bankrupt Lehman Brothers; Investors Get Back Twenty Cents on the Dollar

Once again, Wall Street insiders win and retail investors lose.

The outside advisers handling Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy – mostly bankers and lawyers – have made over $1.4 billion for their services since Lehman Brothers went bankrupt three years ago.   If you’re a Wall Street insider, Lehman Brothers, which is bankrupt and out-of-business, is a fantastic place to work.

Meanwhile, investors holding Lehman Brothers structured notes are slated to get back only about one fifth of the money they invested in the notes when the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy litigation finally winds up.  Financial advisers at UBS and other brokerage firms peddled Lehman Brothers structured notes with great-sounding names like “100% principal protected” notes and “Return Optimization” notes.   But for investors getting back only twenty cents on the dollar, their principal wasn’t protected and their returns weren’t optimized.

Of course, if you’re a Wall Street insider working on the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, your principal is well-protected and your returns are fully-optimized.

If UBS sold you one of these notes, or if you’ve lost money in any Lehman Brothers note, give us a call.  We may be able to help.

Here’s a list of some of the names of Lehman Brothers notes sold by UBS – –

*100% Principal Protection Absolute Return Notes Linked to the Euro/U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate 

*100% Principal Protection Notes with Interest Linked to the Year-Over-Year Change in the Consumer Price Index

*Aussie Bull Notes 100% Principal Protected at Maturity

*Principal Protected Note with Enhanced Participation Linked to a Basket of Commodities

*Principal Protected Note with Enhanced Participation linked to a Global Currency Basket

*Annual Review Notes with Contingent Principal Protection Linked to the S&P 500® Index

*Partial Protection Participation Notes Linked to a Basket of Global Index Funds

*Return Optimization Securities Linked to an International Index Basket

*Return-Enhanced Notes Linked to a Basket of Ten Commodities

*Reverse Exchangeable Notes Linked to Common Stock

*FX Basket-Linked Notes

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