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Clock Ticking on KBS REIT I Claims

Securities arbitration lawyers are encouraging investors who suffered significant losses in KBS REIT I to act quickly if they believe they have a securities arbitration claim. According to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, “If too much time has elapsed between a broker’s conduct and your complaint to FINRA, the investigation may be hindered.” The initial public offering for KBS REIT I closed on May 31, 2008, so this May will mark five years since many investors were unsuitably recommended the KBS REIT I.

Clock Ticking on KBS REIT I Claims

With a new estimated value of $5.16 per share, the per share price has dropped drastically since its original offering price of $10 per share. However, investment fraud lawyers say that if investors need to liquidate for cash, they may receive even less for their shares. Because investors must resort to selling on a private secondary market, some investors may receive only 80 percent or less of the investment’s already-reduced estimated value.

According to securities arbitration lawyers, in many cases investors received unsuitable recommendations of KBS REIT I. Many were led to believe that the investment was a safe investment that would produce regular, dependable distributions while the investment’s value remained constant or increased. In addition, many were not made aware of the illiquidity of the investment that resulted from the fact that it was a non-exchange-traded investment.

Brokers and firms have a responsibility to their clients to perform adequate due diligence and make recommendations only when the investment is suitable for their client, given that person’s age, investment objectives and risk tolerance. As a non-traded REIT, KBS REIT I may have carried a high commission which may have motivated brokers with full-service brokerage firms to make the recommendation to investors despite the investment’s unsuitability. The commission on a non-traded REIT is often as high as 15 percent.

If you suffered significant losses as a result of your investment with KBS REIT I, don’t wait to explore your options for recovery. To find out more about your legal rights and options, contact an investment fraud lawyer at The Law Office of Christopher J. Gray at (866) 966-9598 for a no-cost, confidential consultation.

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