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Merrill Lynch Customers Could Recover Losses Over Hedge Funds, Fannie Mae Preferred Stock

Securities fraud attorneys are currently investigating claims on behalf of Merrill Lynch customers who suffered significant losses as a result of their hedge fund investments and/or Fannie Mae Preferred Shares investments with the firm.

Merrill Lynch Customers Could Recover Losses Over Hedge Funds or Fannie Mae Preferred Stock

In particular, these stock fraud lawyers are looking into the sales practices of Merrill Lynch and its brokers in regards to the Coast Access II LLC hedge fund. Coast Access II LLC is a “feeder fund,” investing substantially all of its assets in Coast Diversified Fund LLC, a multi-manager, multi-strategy “fund of funds” which invests through the market neutral or relative value trading of several securities and commodities trading advisors, according to Coast Access’ SEC Form D filing. Coast Access II LLC’s place of principal business operations and executive offices are listed as Merrill Lynch Alternative Investments and the investment was offered through Merrill Lynch. However, securities fraud attorneys now believe that the hedge fund was recommended to certain Merrill Lynch clients, despite its unsuitability for those clients.

A recent FINRA arbitration proceeding concluded with an order for Merrill Lynch to pay two of its investors $1.34 million in connection with their Fannie Mae preferred shares investments. Allegedly, Merrill Lynch misrepresented the risks involved in this investment, marketing them as “safe.” As a result, the investors, clients of broker Miles Pure, suffered significant losses. Their claim included allegations that the firm was negligent in its supervision of Pure and had committed civil fraud. Pure now works for Morgan Keegan.

If you are a customer of Merrill Lynch and purchased the Coast Access II LLC hedge fund or Fannie Mae preferred stock and suffered significant losses as a result of the unsuitability of the investment, or because the risks associated with the investment were misrepresented to you, you may be able to recover your losses. To find out more about your legal rights and options, contact a stock fraud lawyer at The Law Office of Christopher J. Gray at (866) 966-9598 for a no-cost, confidential consultation.

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