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Woodbridge Mortgage Investment Funds Sales Probed By Colorado Division of Securities


Piggy Bank in a CageAs recently reported, the Colorado Division of Securities (“Division”) is reviewing Woodbridge Mortgage Investment Funds 1, 2, 3, and 3A (collectively, the “Woodbridge Funds”) and related entities in connection with possible sales of unregistered securities.  The Woodbridge Funds are offered by Woodbridge Wealth of Sherman Oaks, CA, through a nationwide network comprised primarily of independent broker-dealers and financial advisors.  In addition to its investigation into the Woodbridge Funds, the Division is reportedly also conducting a parallel investigation into other individual named Respondents, including James Campbell, Jr. of Woodland Park, CO, Timothy McGuire of Highlands Ranch, CO, and Ronald Caskey of Firestone, CO.

The Division is focused on possible Colorado securities violations stemming from the alleged sale of unregistered securities (that were not exempt from registration), the alleged solicitation of investments in the Woodbridge Funds by unlicensed representatives, as well as alleged fraudulent statements and omissions of material fact concerning sales of the Woodbridge Funds to Colorado investors.  The Division has alleged that the named Respondents — Messrs. Campbell, McGuire and Caskey — have raised approximately $57 million in investor capital from approximately 450 Colorado residents, and further, continue to solicit and advertise to potential investors through both online and radio advertisements.  Of note, Ronald Caskey bills himself as a “finance professional” on his website, with a focus on retirement planning.  Mr. Caskey hosts the Ron Caskey Radio Show and Bible Views Radio Show on stations in Denver, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, in addition to Evansville, IN.

The Division is reportedly reviewing marketing so-called “First Position Commercial Mortgages” (or “FPCMs”) to various investors through issuing promissory notes in exchange for investments that backed certain hard money loans secured by commercial real estate.   The Woodbridge Funds allegedly hired Messrs. Campbell, McGuire and Caskey as sales agents in Colorado, despite the fact that none of these named Respondents were/are licensed to solicit or sell securities.  Moreover, the Division has alleged that the FPCM’s, although secured by notes and thus falling within the definition of a security, are neither registered as a security, nor exempt from registration.  Other allegations concerning reported sales of unregistered securities by Woodbridge are reportedly being reviewed by state regulators in Massachusetts, Texas, and Arizona.

In reviewing Woodbridge, the Division has reportedly focused on the lack of proper registration (of the FPCMs as securities), lack of proper licensure of the named Respondents, qualification of the fund managers of the Woodbridge Funds, and the ability of the respective funds to pay back investors in the event of a default(s) on an underlying commercial loan(s).

Attorneys at Law Office of Christopher J. Gray have significant experience handling cases concerning unregistered securities and private placements.  If you have invested in any of the Woodbridge Funds, or otherwise purchased a First Position Commercial Mortgage through investing in a Woodbridge promissory note, from a FINRA-registered stockbroker or financial advisor, or were steered into making such an investment by a stockbroker or financial advisor, you may be able to recover investment losses in FINRA arbitration.  To find out more about your legal rights and options, contact a securities arbitration attorney at Law Office of Christopher J. Gray, P.C. at (866) 966-9598 or for a no-cost, confidential consultation.

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