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More Arbitration Claims Against Brokers, Firms in Inland Western REIT and KBS REIT I

Stock fraud lawyers are currently investigating claims on behalf of investors who suffered significant REIT losses as a result of unsuitable recommendations of non-traded REITs. Recently, new arbitration claims have been filed on behalf of investors in Inland Western REIT, KBS REIT I and other risky investments.

More Arbitration Claims Against Brokers, Firms in Inland Western REIT and KBS REIT I

In one recent claim, securities arbitration lawyers say the claimants opened accounts with Multi-Financial and, despite the fact that the claimants indicated to the adviser they wanted to generate principal while protecting their income, the adviser proceeded to recommend a substantial investment in speculative and illiquid Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs and Limited Partnerships, or LPs. Based on the Multi-Financial adviser’s recommendation, the Claimants invested in Inland Western REIT, Wells REIT II, PDC 2005-B Oil & Gas, Reef Global Energy VII Oil & Gas, Cronos Containers Partners I, Hines REIT, Reef Global Energy VI Oil & Gas, Crowne Hattiesburg Bluffton Holdings, Mewbourne 2008-A, Oil & Gas, LEAF Commercial Finance Fund LLC, Atlas Resources 2008, Oil & Gas and Behringer Harvard Strategic Opportunity Fund II REIT.

Another recent filing was against one of the brokerage firms responsible for the supervision and actions of Paul Larsen, a former broker with VSR, ProEquities and six other firms before being permanently barred by FINRA in 2011. According to the allegations, Larsen made unsuitable recommendations of non-traded REITs, coal and natural gas speculation and other risky investments. A claim filed on November 21, 2012 alleges Larsen made improper recommendations of KBS REIT I, Atlas 14 and Atlas 15. Atlas 14 and 15 are both speculative natural gas and oil drilling ventures. For more information on KBS REIT I, see the pervious blog post, “KBS REIT I Investors Could Recover Losses.” Stock fraud lawyers say the brokerage firms could be held liable for REIT losses suffered by Larsen’s clients because they have a responsibility to adequately supervise their brokers.

If you suffered significant REIT losses as a result an improper recommendation of Inland Western REIT, KBS REIT I or another non-traded REIT, you may have a valid securities arbitration claim. To find out more about your legal rights and options, contact a securities arbitration lawyer at The Law Office of Christopher J. Gray at (866) 966-9598 for a no-cost, confidential consultation.

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