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Money In WindInvestors in American Realty Capital Healthcare Trust III Inc. (“ARC HT III”) may be able to recover losses on their investment in FINRA arbitration.  ARC HT III is a publicly registered non-traded real estate investment trust (“REIT”) sponsored by AR Global and based in New York, NY.  As its name suggests, this non-traded REIT is focused primarily on investing in healthcare-related assets including medical office buildings, seniors housing and other healthcare-related facilities.  ARC HT III currently owns a portfolio of 19 properties purchased for a total of $128.3 million.

ARC HT III raised approximately $168 million in investor equity prior to cancellation of its securities offering, due in large part to a series of ARC related scandals.  On July 19, 2017, ARC HT III announced an estimated net asset value (“NAV”) per share of $17.64.  Investors who participated in the offering bought in at $25 per share.  Additionally, on July 18, 2017, the ARC HT III Board determined that it would cease paying distributions beginning in August 2017.  One of the risks associated with investing in non-traded REITs concerns the viability of the distribution payment.  At its discretion, the board of a non-traded REIT may well decide to substantially reduce, or altogether suspend, payments of distributions to investors.  This is troubling, particularly because many investors are advised to purchase non-traded REITs as a means of earning enhanced income.

On December 21, 2017, ARC HT III shareholders will vote at the annual meeting to be held at 4pm at The Core Club in New York, NY, on an important proposal.  Specifically, shareholders will be asked to vote on a plan of liquidation and dissolution of the company.  Pursuant to the proposed plan of liquidation, ARC HT III shareholders will receive $17.67 – $17.81 per share of stock held.  As part of the contemplated liquidation, the non-traded REIT anticipates paying an initial liquidation distribution of $15.75 per share, expected to be paid within two weeks of closing the asset sale.  In connection with the transaction, ARC HT III will sell its underlying property portfolio for $120 million to the affiliated entity – Healthcare Trust Inc.  In order for the plan of liquidation to become effective, shareholders must vote to approve both the contemplated purchase of ARC HT III by Healthcare Trust Inc., as well as the proposal to liquidate the company.

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