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Securities fraud attorneys are currently investigating claims on behalf of investors who suffered significant losses as a result of their investment in an Inofin promissory note or Inofin offering. A recent announcement by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stated that on July 23 and 24, final judgments were entered in a civil injunctive action against Michael J. Cuomo and Kevin Mann Sr. This action was filed in the United States District Court of Massachusetts.

Unregistered Securities: Inofin Investors Could Recover Losses

Allegations included in the SEC complaint were that Inofin and Inofin executives illegally raised money from investors in 25 states and the District of Columbia totaling at least $110 million. These funds were raised through unregistered note sales. Furthermore, Inofin allegedly materially misrepresented the company’s financial performance as well as how it was using investors’ money. Thomas K. Keough and David Affeldt, two sales agents, were also charged by the SEC. Allegations against Affeldt and Keough stated that they offered and sold the aforementioned unregistered securities.

Stock fraud lawyers say Keough’s FINRA Broker Report stated that he was registered with FINRA during a significant portion of the time that he sold these unregistered securities. As a result, investors who, in accordance with Keough’s recommendation, purchased an Inofin investmentvcould be able to recover losses through securities arbitration.

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