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Securities fraud attorneys are currently investigating claims on behalf of the customers of Robert G. Bard. Current claims against Bard on behalf of investors seek compensation for investment losses that resulted from securities laws violations in the amount of as much as $6 million. 

Victims of Robert G. Bard Could Recover Losses

Current allegations against Bard include breach of contract, negligence, fraud through omission of material fact and violation of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulations and other securities laws, among others. Before incorporating his investment firm in December 2004, Bard was terminated from the investment firm where he worked for allegedly preparing and submitting investment documents with forged signatures of his customers. A FINRA investigation confirmed these charges and Bard signed a Letter of Acceptance, Waiver and Consent.

In August 2013, Bard was found guilty of 21 felony counts of offenses related to securities fraud. According to stock fraud lawyers, FINRA rules have established that firms must properly supervise brokers’ activities while they are registered with the firm. Reportedly, Scottrade, Ameritrade, Choice Investments and E-Trade have been named in an arbitration claim soon to be filed on behalf of some of Bard’s clients and these investment firms could be ordered to compensate clients for losses sustained for the period Bard was registered with the firms.

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